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  • Nocher and Kalinina speed to victory at the 2016 Kiteboarding European Championships

    Maxime Nocher: the undisputed king of the 2016 Kiteboarding European Championships | Photo: IKA

    Maxime Nocher and Elena Kalinina have claimed the 2016 Kiteboarding European Championships, at Poetto Beach, in Cagliari, Italy.

    With seven race wins, Nocher was the undisputed king of the Formula Kite and KiteFoil Open event, which got underway in multiple Mistral wind conditions and forced riders to risk a broad range of strategies and tactics.

    "Despite the fact that the wind during these days has been particularly challenging, all the athletes are very happy with the championship and surely one can't say that regattas have no thrilling!" noted Mirco Babini, president of the International Kiteboarding Association (IKA).

  • Johnny Heineken wins the Rippin' The Rio Regatta 2016

    Rippin' The Rio Regatta 2016: testing the spectators' view | Photo: Guacarazzi

    Johnny Heineken has claimed the Rippin' The Rio Regatta 2016, held at Sherman Island, in California.

    The hydrofoil kiteboarding regatta in the Delta attracted 16 racers to the Sacramento River. The two-lap windward/leeward course of one nautical mile (from top to bottom) was organized by Rob Dean.

    The exhibition event showcases the potential for racing in venues where spectators can nearly touch riders. The organizers want to add the Rio Vista spot to the Hydrofoil Pro Tour.

  • Kiteboarding might join surfing in Tokyo 2020

    Kiteboarding: the IOC is pushing the sport into Tokyo 2020 | Photo: Hayto/IKA

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has urged World Sailing to review the events listed for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

    In the past, it was defined that all ten sailing events in Rio 2016 would remain the same for Tokyo 2020. But the situation might change in the upcoming months.

    Kit McConnell, sports director at the IOC, wants Olympic events that appeal to the youth demographic and encourage gender equity, and kiteboarding is one of the sports that fits the "Vision 2020" strategy.

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  • Miguel Martinho wins the 2016 FW European Masters title

    Miguel Martinho: the 2016 Formula Windsurfing European Masters champion | Photo: FW Portugal

    Miguel Martinho has taken out the Masters division at the Portimão European Formula Festival 2016, in Portugal.

    The Portuguese windsurfer, 40, won all 12 races at Praia da Rocha and made everything look easy. Three years ago, Martinho had already won a European title in the Azores Islands.

    "There is no easy championship. I am in a good moment, and I made it seem easy. Winning at home is always good. I am able to share the victory with friends and people with whom I am every day," told Miguel Martinho.

  • Matteo Iachino wins the Ulsan PWA World Cup 2016

    Matteo Iachino: celebrating victory at Ulsan | Photo: Carter/PWA

    The world's best slalom windsurfers returned to South Korea for the first event of the 2016 PWA World Tour season. The surprise news is that Antoine Albeau didn't win it.

    They're teammates, and they've conquered Ulsan. Both Matteo Iachino and Lena Erdil ride for Starboard and Point-7, and they've celebrated an epic victory in Asia, despite the seaweed and the shifty wind conditions.

    "I feel good. I am really happy. It was a hard day because we were three hours in the water waiting for good conditions to come. It was up and down, full of stuff in the water, and it was not easy to hold the pressure," revealed Matteo Iachino.

  • Boujmaa Guilloul conquers the AWT Morocco 2016

    Boujmaa Guilloul: a victory in home waves | Photo: Schlosser/AWT

    Boujmaa Guilloul has taken out the inaugural AWT Morocco, in Essaouira.

    The American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) has successfully run its first ever wave sailing contest in the African continent. The event organized by Guilloul himself crowned champions across four divisions.

    All windsurfers knew that the forecast for last day of competition was inspiring, with plenty of waves for the ultimate decisions in the Pro Men and Women categories.

  • How to build your windsurfing sail quiver

    Windsurfing sails: learn how to make the right buying decisions | Photo: Carter/PWA

    Modern windsurfers are confronted with thousands of sail types, sizes, and specifications. If you plan to own more than just a windsurfing sail, take a look at the following quiver building tips.

    The number of variables that relate to a sail is nearly infinite. And, to make things even more complicated, just add the sailor's height, weight, the level of experience, and favorite windsurfing discipline.

    Yes, it is never easy to choose a new sail. But you can make wise decisions based on a series of relevant checkboxes. What are they? According to Monty Spindler, founder of Loftsails, they are:

  • Who said windsurfing is not a team sport?

    Raphael Filippi, Régis Bouron, and Matthieu Vinceneux: the tridem windsurfers

    In 2015, they were a duo. But they returned in 2016 with a new member. Meet Raphael Filippi, Régis Bouron, and Matthieu Vinceneux. Nowadays, they're the most famous tridem windsurfing team, and they are ready to break all records.

    "We're aiming at the speed sailing world record: 70 knots over a 500-meter course. We want to beat the Vestas SailRocket 2 and its 65,45 knots," jokes Raphael Filippi.

    They've studied Physics and came up with a winning formula: if each one of them hits the 23 knots barrier, then the sum of all is, at least, enough to break the boat's record.

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