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  • How to start with strapless kitesurfing

    Strapless kitesurfing: the freedom to race, jump, and ride waves whenever you want | Photo: Shutterstock

    Strapless kitesurfing is becoming a very popular discipline within the kiteboarding world. Learn how to start riding a strapless surfboard.

    Riding waves with a kite and without straps involves a surfboard. It can be a classic surfboard used in surfing, but today kite brands have designed their own kitesurfing models with subtle changes in their core and main features.

    Traditionally, a strapless kitesurfer is someone who wants to blend speed, airs, and wave riding. He or she seeks the freedom to accelerate in flat water and then transition into a big air or surf break scenario.

  • New South Wales rolls back mandatory lifejacket regulation

    Kiteboarding: lifejackets won't be mandatory when riding close to the shore | Photo: Hayto/IKA

    The New South Wales authorities have rolled back the lifejacket regulation that was going to force kiteboarders to wear personal flotation devices in open waters.

    The changes made in the Maritime Safety Regulations ignited an intense and quick response from the kiteboarding community. The kite enthusiasts noted that lifejackets (Level 50S or greater) would difficult duck dives and increase the risk of line entanglement.

    "The speed at which Transport for NSW was willing to revert to the previous position, requiring a kiteboarder is only required to wear a suitable lifejacket when 400 meters or more offshore, ensures the safety of kiteboarders and other water users," explains Alexandra Lockie, general manager of Kiteboarding Australia.

  • The world's smallest personal locator beacon

    Gina Hewson and the RescueMe PLB1: kiteboarders should carry a personal locator beacon | Photo: Ocean Signal

    Ocean Signal believe they have developed the world's smallest personal locator beacon (PLB).

    The RescueMe PLB1 was specially designed for kiteboarders and windsurfers who train or compete in unpredictable weather conditions, and in remote, offshore areas.

    The gadget weighs 116 grams, and it was built to resist the worst marine condition. The RescueMe PLB1 is waterproof 15 meters, and has an autonomy of 30 hours, even at -20C° (-4F°).

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  • Van Der Eyken shines in a waveless Cold Hawaii

    Dieter Van Der Eyken: he won the tow-in session at Cold Hawaii | Photo: Carter/PWA

    The world's best wave windsurfers were not able to showcase their talent in the Danish waves of Cold Hawaii because Mother Nature didn't deliver the standard required to kick off the contest.

    After Pozo Izquierdo, and El Medano, competitors were looking forward to getting extreme conditions in the surf spots around Klitmoller, but the North Sea decided to stay quiet for a very long week.

    The organization tried to run as many heats as possible but, in the end, all they could do was put up a tow-in competition. Dieter Van der Eyken completed a one-handed burner 360 and took the victory over Ricardo Campello.

  • The best tips for beginner windsurfers

    Windsurfing: beginner tips will make you progress faster | Photo: Shutterstock

    There's nothing like good advice to push us forward. If you're new to windsurfing, there are a few recommendations that can be useful before you start sailing.

    The first thing that newcomers to windsurfing should know is what equipment they will be using. The three main components of windsurfer are the board, the sail, the boom. There's more, but without them, you won't sail away.

    It is also important to learn how the points of sail affect your journey across the water. If you don't know where does the wind blow from, you might want to discover a few methods for checking its direction.

  • A man has just solved Rubik's Cube while windsurfing

    Michael George: he solves the Rubik's Cube while windsurfing

    It is the most difficult windsurfing maneuver of all time, and only a few sailors will be able to complete it.

    Michael George is not your average professional windsurfer - he's just another data science architect with a nine-to-six job. But that doesn't mean he can't dream high.

    That is why Mike decided to blend his two hobbies: windsurfing and speedcubing, i.e., solving Rubik's Cube fast. You ask: what does one thing have to do with the other? Easy: start planing on your windsurfer, and try to solve the Rubik's Cube with one hand.

  • Sarah-Quita Offringa wins her third PWA Slalom World Tour title

    Sarah-Quita Offringa: she won her third PWA Slalom World Tour title | Photo: Carter/PWA

    Sarah-Quita Offringa has conquered her third PWA Slalom World Tour title, at Hvide Sande, in Denmark.

    The windsurfer from Aruba added another trophy to her long list of accomplishments. Despite being known for her freestyle skills, Offringa continues to impress in the races.

    "I'm very happy. I was emotional when the event was officially called off because it's been a stressful day with the conditions right on the edge, so it was pretty nerve-wracking," said Offringa, who had previously won slalom world titles in 2011, and 2015.

  • Is windsurfing already lobbying for Tokyo 2020 and beyond?

    RS:X Evolution: NeilPryde's windsurfing vision for Tokyo 2020 and beyond

    How should the RS:X windsurfer evolve? Should it stick to a conservative One Design concept, or should it move forward to high-tech grounds? The answer might be hidden in a low-profile video released by both RS:X class and NeilPryde.

    The Rio 2016 Olympic Games have just finished, but the windsurfing lobby wants to make sure the sport will continue to take part in the Olympic movement.

    The RS:X class teamed up with NeilPryde to launch a promotional video featuring the RS:X Evolution and RS:X Convertible. The joint-venture says that these equipments are "ready for 2020 Olympic Games and beyond."

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