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  • Posito Martinez claims the 2016 IKA Freestyle world title

    Posito Martinez: the 2016 IKA Freestyle world champion | Photo: IKA

    Posito Martinez, Estefania Rosa, and Bibiana Magaji claimed the Freestyle and Big Air world titles at Porto Pollo, in Italy.

    Martinez has reasons to celebrate. He is the first rider from the Dominican Republic to clinch a world kiteboarding title. Actually, he won two world titles.

    Posito was able to secure a fifth place finish in the Freestyle event and conquer the IKA's Freestyle world title. With only ten seconds before the end of the decisive heat, the Dominican pulls off a massive 315 and takes the win.

  • Why did Pete Cabrinha and Brett Lickle quit windsurfing to go kiting?

    Pete Cabrinha: he quit windsurfing because he had too many wind toys

    "How does somebody learn to kite and then walk away from it?" This is the question that tow surfer and windsurfer Brett Lickle asks big wave charger Dave Kalama.

    The sport of kiteboarding was born in France when two French brothers - Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux - invented the inflated kites and, consequently, a new wind outdoor activity.

    The world's first kiteboarders were already experienced big wave surfing and windsurfers. When kites hit the skies, many ocean addicts decided to give it a go and put their windsurf equipment aside.

  • How to steer a kite

    Kiteboarding: learn how to steer your kite | Photo: North Kiteboarding

    Stance and kite position will determine the way you ride your kite. Discover how you can maximize kite control.

    When you're flying your kite, you need to adopt a correct sailing stance. Knowing that 85 percent of your weight should be on the back foot, make sure you ride with front leg almost straight, and your back leg bent.

    Then, you should concentrate on maintaining your direction, controlling speed, and dealing with the waves and chops, before turning and pulling tricks.

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  • Simon Cofield clinches the 2016 Weymouth Speed Week

    Simon Cofield: winner of the 2016 Weymouth Speed Week | Photo: WSW

    Simon Cofield was the fastest sailor at the 2016 Weymouth Speed Week, in the Isle of Portland, in England.

    The windsurfer from Poole, Dorset, completed the seven-day speed sailing competition with an average speed over 500 meters of 31.368 knots.

    Cofield not only won the event, but he also managed to finish ahead of the fastest kiteboarder, David Williams, who had 28.541 knots on his GPS tracker.

  • Phil Horrocks wins the Tiree Wave Classic 2016

    Phil Horrocks: he won his second Tiree Wave Classic | Photo: Whitson/TWC

    Phil Horrocks has taken out the Tiree Wave Classic 2016, in Scotland.

    The iconic event attracted some of the best wave windsurfers in Britain, and they were all greeted with powerful winds, and favorable swells. For many, it was the biggest Tiree Wave Classic of the decade.

    The 30th edition of the Scottish wave sailing contest crowned Phil Horrocks in the pro division. It's his second win in the event, after taking out the 2014 edition.

  • When and how to pump the sail in windsurfing

    Pumping: a great way to increase speed in windsurfing | Photo: Carter/PWA

    Pumping a windsurfing sail helps to propel the board. Learn how to increase your speed when you really need it.

    Pumping is a light-to-no-wind racing technique that allows you to accelerate and/or and get planing. However, if you don't do it correctly, it might slow you down.

    There are several moments when you feel the need to pull the windsurfing sail towards yourself. And you don't need a full course to start doing it. Timing, strength, and practice are key ingredients to efficient pumping, though.

  • Van Broeckhoven crowned 2016 EFPT champion

    Steven Van Broeckhoven: fifth EFPT title in seven years | Photo: EFPT

    Steven Van Broeckhoven and Sarah Quita-Offringa have been crowned the 2016 European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT) champions, in Brouwersdam, Netherlands.

    In the last event of the European season, Van Broeckhoven was too strong for his opponents. The Belgian windsurfer won the Dam-X and collected his fifth EFPT title (2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, and 2016).

    "I'm super stoked winning the last event of the year at my home spot, and my fifth European title! It has been a crazy season, with ups and downs, but I managed to win all the EFPT events. My goal for next year is to get the positive vibes in the PWA events and no more brakes!" expressed Van Broeckhoven.

  • Red Bull Storm Chase confirmed for 2017

    Red Bull Storm Chase: the toughest wave sailing competition in the world | Photo: Red Bull

    After a one-year pause, the Red Bull Storm Chase returns in 2017.

    For many, the Red Bull Storm Chase is the toughest wave sailing competition in the world. Only experienced windsurfers are able to challenge Force 10 storms, in which winds of more than 100 km/h and powerful swells defy the human race.

    The extreme windsurfing contest will return to the harshest ocean environments the planet has to offer. But only the most experienced sailors will receive the invitation for the event.

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