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  • North Kiteboarding launches the smart Click Bar

    Click Bar: depower and power at the flick of a switch | Photo: North Kiteboarding

    The brand says it is a game-changing innovation. The North Kiteboarding Click Bar allows you to trim your kite through the back line rather than the front. But there's more.

    "The trim function is achieved through the trim unit, which is integrated into the winding post on the right-hand side of the control bar," explains Sky Solbach, rider and R&D tester at North Kiteboarding.

    "The Click Bar allows you to power and depower your kite with a simple flick of a switch. Turning the winder clockwise powers up your kite by shortening your back lines. Pushing the button lengthens your back lines and depowers your kite."

  • The NKL Series 2016/2017 has been confirmed

    NKL Series: featuring Australia and New Zealand's best male and female kiteboarders | Photo: NKL

    A bigger prize money, a Big Air division, a KiteFoil and Twin Tip race, and a new ranking format. The Classic Holidays National Kiteboarding League (NKL) is back for a second season with a few upgrades and improvements.

    The NKL Series 2016/2017 will once again feature Australia and New Zealand's best male and female kiteboarders. The tour return with five stops - only the Adelaide stage was dropped - and a super final in the Gold Coast.

    This time, riders will be allowed to compete in as many events as they like ? rather than only entering their home state's round ? providing the opportunity to rack up more points for their personal ranking.

  • Near-perfect racing for Nico Parlier in Mauritius

    Nico Parlier: a near-perfect performance at Pointe d?Esny Beach | Photo: Bromwich

    Nico Parlier has taken out the third stop on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2016 in Mauritius.

    The paradise island located in the heart of the Indian Ocean attracted many top riders. Everyone was looking forward to testing and fine-tuning their equipment for the upcoming season, and Pointe d?Esny Beach was just the perfect venue.

    On the last day of racing, the wind dropped and was always shifting. The currents and the shallow waters made the choice of kite size particularly challenging.

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  • For Michael Fallent, windsurfing is his verse

    Michael Fallent: windsurfing is his verse

    What do windsurfing and poetry have in common? Apparently, nothing. But Michael Fallent found a way to blend both worlds. He says windsurfing is his verse.

    Michael Fallent is a windsurfer from Austria. He decided to add the words of Walt Whitman to a beautiful video shot by Katerina Kris.

    The poem entitled "O Me! O Life!" can be found in "Leaves of Grass," a poetry collection published by the American writer in 1895. Back in the day, the book was considered offensive and obscene, but it survived time, and it is now read and seen as a classic.

  • Adam Lewis jumps to victory at Siam Park

    Adam Lewis: winner of the Siam Park Dunkerbeck Extreme Jump Challenge 2016 | Photo: Carter/PWA

    British windsurfer Adam Lewis has flown higher to claim the Dunkerbeck Extreme Jump Challenge 2016, held at Siam Park, in Tenerife.

    Once again, the artificial surf pool welcomed ten of the world's best wave windsurfing specialists for a brilliant showdown. The rules are simple: jump high and perform the most radical maneuvers.

    Competitors had two runs to prove to the judges and spectators that they deserved to raise the trophy, but only four windsurfers got the ticket to the final: Adam Lewis, Antoine Martin, Dieter Van der Eyken, and Ricardo Campello.

  • Dorian van Rijsselberghe and Charline Picon celebrate gold at Rio 2016

    Dorian van Rijsselberghe: he won his second consecutive gold medal at the Olympic Games | Photo: World Sailing

    Dorian van Rijsselberghe and Charline Picon won the RS:X Windsurfing gold medals at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

    It's all over in Guanabara Bay. The world's best RS:X windsurfers have concluded their races, and the gold, silver, and bronze medalists have been named.

    Van Rijsselberghe was the fastest in the Men's competition, but he didn't start strong. His longtime rival Nick Dempsey won the first races, and the Dutch was forced to step up his game.

  • RS:X in Rio 2016: Dempsey and Tartaglini lead after six races

    Nick Dempsey: eyeing the gold medal in Rio 2016 | Photo: Rio 2016

    Six of the 12 planned races for the RS:X windsurfing fleet in Rio 2016 have been completed. And Nick Dempsey has been unstoppable.

    The British sailor, 36, had a perfect start on the first day of competition and won three races at Guanabara Bay.

    "I was just nervous about something not going right, but it went so well. In the last race, the breeze dropped a few bombs on the course. It caught a few people out, a few people did well out of it, and I managed to hold on to second, which was probably the best bit of the day," explained Nick Dempsey.

  • How to steer a windsurf board

    Steering: learn how to change the trajectory of your windsurf board | Photo: Carter/PWA

    There are many ways of changing the movement of the board in windsurfing. You can tack, jibe, turn 180 degrees, and steer the rig to guide your windsurfer in a different direction.

    Steering is a basic windsurfing technique. You will need to master the art of steering to make subtle changes in trajectory while sailing. Always remember that the board will respond to the combination of your body and sail positions.

    In windsurfing, steering is nothing more than just tilt the sail toward the front or back of your board. As a result, you will steer away from the wind (bearing away) or toward the wind (luffing up).

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