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  • IKA vs. IFKO: kite war heats up with personal attacks

    Kiteboarding: IKA and IFKO are sailing in rough waters | Photo: Red Bull

    The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and the International Federation of Kitesports Organisations (IFKO) continue to trade verbal attacks over the legitimacy to govern the sport of kiteboarding.

    When IFKO was founded in 2015, IKA decided to ignore it. But things have changed, and the organization led by Mirco Babini and Markus Schwendtner is now counter-attacking the latest IFKO statements.

    IKA is currently recognized by World Sailing (WS), the governing body for the sport of sailing, as the legitimate organization for regulating kiteboarding. IFKO is contesting IKA's legitimacy and has been publicly questioning its transparency.

  • How to quick-release and depower a kite

    Kites: know when and how to activate the quick-release system | Photo: Shutterstock

    Safety systems allow kiteboarders to quickly depower their kites and enter emergency mode. Learn how to detach a kite from the harness in case anything goes wrong.

    It happens a lot to beginners, but it can also happen to any advanced kiteboarder. A kite that is out of control can have serious consequences, so you must know what to do and act quickly.

    That is why it is so important to train your brain to take decisions when you've got a problem with a flying kite. The first thing you have to have in mind is that you must be ready to quickly release tension from the kite lines.

  • 423 kitesurfers set a new record at Hayling Island

    Hayling Island: the skies were grey, but the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada broke the Guinness World Record

    It's officially amazing. The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest parade of kitesurfers.

    Despite the rain and the grey skies, they did it. A total of 423 wind riders braved the choppy, cold waters of Hayling Island, completed the one-mile course needed to bring the record to Britain.

    Kiteboarders launched their wings up in the air with winds blowing between 15 and 18 knots, and the challenge took three-and-a-half hours to complete.

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  • How to thread the downhaul line in windsurfing

    Downhaul line: learn how to run the rope properly through the pulleys | Photo: Unifiber

    Master the art of threading the downhaul on a windsurfing sail without crossed lines, and complicated weaving. Learn how to string the rope back and forth in less than a minute.

    Rigging can be a slow and complex process in windsurfing, and the downhaul line is a classic jigsaw puzzle. The more you sail, rig and de-rig, the more you forget how to run that particular rope properly through the pulleys.

    The downhaul attaches to and pulls the bottom corner of the sail down to the bottom of the mast. It also is used to adjust the tension on the front edge (luff) of the sail, which controls the curve, or shape of the sail.

  • How to get into footstraps in windsurfing

    Footstraps: a critical accessory to plane faster in windsurfing | Photo: Indra/JP Australia

    Footstraps can be helpful while carrying a windsurf board all the way down the beach to the water, but they were designed to maintain control, and security on the board in planing conditions, and to help perform advanced maneuvers.

    Windsurfing without footstraps is a bit like surfing without wax. You can do it, but it won't lead you anywhere. Footstraps can be forgotten while you're learning to sail, but they will be extremely useful at an intermediate level.

    In other words, and because your feet and legs will need to work harder to control the board at high speed, footstraps will help you to hold the perfect position for planing. In light winds, you don't need footstraps.

  • Pierre Mortefon was the fastest in the tricky winds of Costa Brava

    Pierre Mortefon: sailing fast at Costa Brava | Photo: Carter/PWA

    Pierre Mortefon has taken out the Catalunya PWA World Cup, in Costa Brava, Spain.

    Things were getting ugly. Light winds threatened the slalom windsurfing competition, but the final days of the waiting period brought what sailors needed to crown a champion.

    Pierre Mortefon was the man of the event. He controlled the races and takes a deserved win in Catalunya. Antoine Albeau was not able to impose his authority and finished in an unusual 17th place.

  • A windsurfer's prayer for wind

    Windsurfing: Henrik Beyer wrote a prayer to the almighty Aeolus | Photo: Henrik Beyer

    What do windsurfers do when there is no wind and no action at all. Do we pack up and go home? Or should we turn to ancient invocations to increase the chance of sailing?

    We have traveled far and have finally arrived. The sail is rigged and, suddenly, the wind dies. With great frustration and disappointment, we turn to apps or fellow sailors to figure out if it's coming back.

    Perhaps after lunch or later in the afternoon. Should we rig a bigger sail to make sure we are ready? Or should we pack up and come back later? Sometimes, we only have three hours until we have to be back at the office or pick up the kids. Is there anything we can do?

  • Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Zara Davis triumph in windy Fuerteventura

    Bjorn Dunkerbeck: racing to victory at Matas Blancas | Photo: Schurgers/Red Bull

    Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Zara Davis have conquered the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2016, held in Fuerteventura, Spain.

    There are many risks involved when you crown world champions in a one-off event. Relevant competitors might not be able to attend the event; some athletes know the venue better than others, and single event championships are not as reliable as a five or ten-stage competition.

    The Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge 2016 had an interesting number of male windsurfers (a total of 40) and a reduced number of women (only four sailors). Unfortunately, the vast majority of speed sailing experts did not participate in the event held in the Canary Islands.

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